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"My husband received a bag of the Dark Salted Caramel and we are addicted to it! We've already bought a tin and will be back for a refill soon."
– Melissa C.
"I stopped in yesterday for the first time...loved the smell inside and the popcorn was delicious!"
– Sarah G.
"It's a flavor explosion!"
– Loretta F.
"My daughter had this popcorn at her wedding a few weeks ago...awesome!"
– Beth P.
"Thanks again for the outstanding customer service and sending the best popcorn in the world!"
– Raymond B.
"The staff is so incredibly friendly. My company works with them often and they are so great!"
– Cara V.
"This is the best popcorn EVER!!!"
– Carla W.
"Shirley's Popcorn is amazing! The little bags make great teacher gifts!"
– Kendra J.
"We stopped by your store today and we're in LOVE!"
– Kristie S.
"Received my bag yesterday and it's already gone!"
– Eve H.
"We sent some popcorn to family in Florida...now they are hooked, too!"
– Cari S.
"I crave the Jellybean popcorn!"
– Kym F.
"Thanks again for a wonderful product and superior service!"
– Lisa M.
"Love that you opened in Maumee...it is close to my work, so I can swing by to refill my tin!"
– Kimberly D.
"We stopped in and bought some popcorn as a snack for the kids. It was sooo good! "
– Sherry M.
"We received some Shirley's Popcorn as a gift and it is SO delicious!"
– Laura W.
"It's a legend!"
– Chet K.
"Make sure you add Shirley's to your holiday shopping list!"
– Krista R.
"I'm a fan forever now!"
– Laura W.
"This popcorn is AMAZING! Great customer service!"
– Melissa M.
"Shirley's Gourmet Popcorn Company is the place to go!"
– Missy E.
"The ladies yesterday were so friendly and helpful! Made my first experience AMAZING!"
– Krystyna P.
"I LOVE this place!"
– Jen Z.
"If you have not been here this is a must on your next trip to Fallen Timbers!"
– Sara G.

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Gourmet Popcorn Gift Boxes

Shirley’s gift boxes are the perfect way to say thanks, show appreciation, or demonstrate love for someone! Both gift boxes provide a range of flavors and experiences to create happiness for anyone!

The small gift box includes two large bags of popcorn (Classic Cheddar and Dark Salted Caramel), two small bags of popcorn (Buckeye & Windy City), two sample bags (Afterburner & Caramel To Die For™), as well as one sample bag of frosted pecans!

The large gift box includes three large bags of popcorn (Classic Cheddar, Dark Salted Caramel, and Windy City), three small bags of popcorn (Buckeye, Chocolate Almond, and Caramel To Die For™), four sample bags of popcorn (Jelly Bean, Caramel Nut Cluster, Afterburner, & White Cheddar), one sample bag of frosted pecans, and one sample bag of popcorn seeds (so you can pop up some happiness at home!)

Honestly, there’s so much happiness in each of these, it’s amazing we could fit it all inside the box!

Small - $65.00

Large - $90.00

Interested in discounted gifting solutions for purchases of 25 gift boxes or more? Give us a call at 888-801-5602 or shoot us an email at info@shirleyspopcorn.com.

Large & Small Bag

Two Perfect Popcorn Bag Sizes!

Our small bags are the perfect single-serve size – roughly 4 cups.

Our large bags are great for sharing – roughly 10-12 cups!

Our Tins Are Refillable!

Our Popcorn Tins Are Refillable In-Store!

All tins are refillable for about ½ their original cost, depending on flavor.

Stop in today to refill your tin!