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"We sent some popcorn to family in they are hooked, too!"
– Cari S.
"We stopped in and bought some popcorn as a snack for the kids. It was sooo good! "
– Sherry M.
"The staff is so incredibly friendly. My company works with them often and they are so great!"
– Cara V.
"This is the best popcorn EVER!!!"
– Carla W.
"We received some Shirley's Popcorn as a gift and it is SO delicious!"
– Laura W.
"I stopped in yesterday for the first time...loved the smell inside and the popcorn was delicious!"
– Sarah G.
"Shirley's Popcorn is amazing! The little bags make great teacher gifts!"
– Kendra J.
"It's a legend!"
– Chet K.
"Make sure you add Shirley's to your holiday shopping list!"
– Krista R.
"This popcorn is AMAZING! Great customer service!"
– Melissa M.
"Love that you opened in is close to my work, so I can swing by to refill my tin!"
– Kimberly D.
"I LOVE this place!"
– Jen Z.
"Thanks again for a wonderful product and superior service!"
– Lisa M.
"Thanks again for the outstanding customer service and sending the best popcorn in the world!"
– Raymond B.
"Received my bag yesterday and it's already gone!"
– Eve H.
"My husband received a bag of the Dark Salted Caramel and we are addicted to it! We've already bought a tin and will be back for a refill soon."
– Melissa C.
"The ladies yesterday were so friendly and helpful! Made my first experience AMAZING!"
– Krystyna P.
"If you have not been here this is a must on your next trip to Fallen Timbers!"
– Sara G.
"It's a flavor explosion!"
– Loretta F.
"We stopped by your store today and we're in LOVE!"
– Kristie S.
"Shirley's Gourmet Popcorn Company is the place to go!"
– Missy E.
"I'm a fan forever now!"
– Laura W.
"My daughter had this popcorn at her wedding a few weeks ago...awesome!"
– Beth P.
"I crave the Jellybean popcorn!"
– Kym F.

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The Story Behind Shirley's Gourmet Popcorn Co

People often ask us, “Is there really a Shirley at Shirley’s Gourmet Popcorn Co?” Well there certainly is, and you’d have to go back to our roots to get the full picture of Shirley and how we came to name our Popcorn Company after her.

Having a great "Theatre Style" taste isn't just a slogan at Shirley's Gourmet Popcorn Company, it's part of our heritage. Growing out of the extreme popularity for our hot buttered and freshly popped popcorn at the Shannon Theatre in Bluffton, Ohio, it soon became evident to us that we were onto something. Many movie lovers around these parts often asked for more to take home, and wondered aloud why we didn't just sell the popcorn without a movie ticket! Soon they were keeping our cardboard tubs to bring back night after night for evening snacks. It was clear that our popcorn made from the finest ingredients needed to be set free beyond the boundaries of our theatre.

We still make our gourmet popcorn the same old fashioned way to make sure each mouthwatering handful is as fresh tasting and theatre-good as what you're served at our venues. And when it came time to name our popcorn company, there was little doubt that it was a perfect way to honor our most popular theatre employee, Shirley. Shirley began working at the Shannon Theatre in 1982, and for more than 25 years she was as recognizable as the stars on the screen. A little like visiting your favorite aunt, a trip to the Shannon meant a warm hello and friendly greeting from Shirley – and of course, a big bucket of that warm and tasty popcorn.

Giving Back

Shirley loved to read and share books with our youngest customers. In honor of her tradition, we’ve joined our customers to present thousands of dollars in support of literacy programs in our community and nationwide.