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"Make sure you add Shirley's to your holiday shopping list!"
– Krista R.
"Shirley's Gourmet Popcorn Company is the place to go!"
– Missy E.
"We received some Shirley's Popcorn as a gift and it is SO delicious!"
– Laura W.
"The ladies yesterday were so friendly and helpful! Made my first experience AMAZING!"
– Krystyna P.
"Thanks again for a wonderful product and superior service!"
– Lisa M.
"Shirley's Popcorn is amazing! The little bags make great teacher gifts!"
– Kendra J.
"If you have not been here this is a must on your next trip to Fallen Timbers!"
– Sara G.
"I'm a fan forever now!"
– Laura W.
"We stopped in and bought some popcorn as a snack for the kids. It was sooo good! "
– Sherry M.
"This popcorn is AMAZING! Great customer service!"
– Melissa M.
"Received my bag yesterday and it's already gone!"
– Eve H.
"My daughter had this popcorn at her wedding a few weeks ago...awesome!"
– Beth P.
"Thanks again for the outstanding customer service and sending the best popcorn in the world!"
– Raymond B.
"This is the best popcorn EVER!!!"
– Carla W.
"We stopped by your store today and we're in LOVE!"
– Kristie S.
"It's a flavor explosion!"
– Loretta F.
"Love that you opened in is close to my work, so I can swing by to refill my tin!"
– Kimberly D.
"The staff is so incredibly friendly. My company works with them often and they are so great!"
– Cara V.
"I LOVE this place!"
– Jen Z.
"We sent some popcorn to family in they are hooked, too!"
– Cari S.
"I crave the Jellybean popcorn!"
– Kym F.
"It's a legend!"
– Chet K.
"My husband received a bag of the Dark Salted Caramel and we are addicted to it! We've already bought a tin and will be back for a refill soon."
– Melissa C.
"I stopped in yesterday for the first time...loved the smell inside and the popcorn was delicious!"
– Sarah G.

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Shirley's Web Rewards

Because of the success of our in-store Shirley’s Rewards program, and since many of our best customers inquired about making their online purchases apply to their in-store accounts, we created Shirley’s Web Rewards as a supplement to our Shirley’s Rewards program.

Simply, Shirley’s Web Rewards is built to reward online customers for every purchase made through

How does it work?

Each purchase earns the customer 10% of their order subtotal, after discounts (if any) and excluding shipping, in Web Rewards. Web Rewards are tallied and maintained at, and are unique to a specific customer account. For example, if a customer spends $44.00 on an order, they would earn $4.40 in Web Rewards.

Web Rewards have no expiration date, and will continue to accumulate after additional purchases whether or not a customer elects to redeem them.

Redeeming Shirley’s Web Rewards

Web Rewards may be redeemed at any amount above a minimum of $10. Customers with a Web Rewards balance below $10 must complete additional purchases in order to be eligible to redeem their Web Rewards.

During the checkout process, customers will see a section of the page displaying their Web Rewards balance and a prompt with the option to apply all or a portion of that amount. Once a user enters an amount to be applied to that particular purchase, the Web Rewards will appear in the running total in addition to any additional charges or credits, such as shipping fees.

Viewing Your Balance

You can view your balance every time you log in at

Additionally, your updated Web Rewards balance after completing a purchase will be indicated on the order confirmation email sent to the address associated with your account. You may also view your balance on the checkout page of when preparing to place an order.


Web Rewards may be redeemed for products only. Any shipping charges will be in addition to a customer’s subtotal.

Good news! If a customer’s purchase total qualifies for free shipping, any redemption of Web Rewards will not change that status.

In-Store vs. Online Shopping

Because Web Rewards is an online-only program, we are unable to apply rewards credit for purchases made through to a customer’s in-store Shirley’s Rewards account.

Questions or Comments

We’re constantly evaluating programs like Shirley’s Web Rewards to make sure they’re an easy and positive experience for our customers. If you have questions, comments, or feedback, feel free to drop us a note at!