Best Gourmet Popcorn | Caramel, White Cheddar, Windy City Style

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"We stopped by your store today and we're in LOVE!"
– Kristie S.
"Thanks again for the outstanding customer service and sending the best popcorn in the world!"
– Raymond B.
"We stopped in and bought some popcorn as a snack for the kids. It was sooo good! "
– Sherry M.
"Received my bag yesterday and it's already gone!"
– Eve H.
"I'm a fan forever now!"
– Laura W.
"Love that you opened in is close to my work, so I can swing by to refill my tin!"
– Kimberly D.
"My daughter had this popcorn at her wedding a few weeks ago...awesome!"
– Beth P.
"It's a flavor explosion!"
– Loretta F.
"The ladies yesterday were so friendly and helpful! Made my first experience AMAZING!"
– Krystyna P.
"Shirley's Popcorn is amazing! The little bags make great teacher gifts!"
– Kendra J.
"My husband received a bag of the Dark Salted Caramel and we are addicted to it! We've already bought a tin and will be back for a refill soon."
– Melissa C.
"I stopped in yesterday for the first time...loved the smell inside and the popcorn was delicious!"
– Sarah G.
"The staff is so incredibly friendly. My company works with them often and they are so great!"
– Cara V.
"If you have not been here this is a must on your next trip to Fallen Timbers!"
– Sara G.
"Thanks again for a wonderful product and superior service!"
– Lisa M.
"Shirley's Gourmet Popcorn Company is the place to go!"
– Missy E.
"This popcorn is AMAZING! Great customer service!"
– Melissa M.
"I crave the Jellybean popcorn!"
– Kym F.
"We sent some popcorn to family in they are hooked, too!"
– Cari S.
"Make sure you add Shirley's to your holiday shopping list!"
– Krista R.
"We received some Shirley's Popcorn as a gift and it is SO delicious!"
– Laura W.
"This is the best popcorn EVER!!!"
– Carla W.
"I LOVE this place!"
– Jen Z.
"It's a legend!"
– Chet K.

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And Now For the Fun Part...Our Mouth-watering Gourmet Popcorn

The reason you're here...the treats! Shirley's has some mouth watering flavors that will excite your taste buds and make you smile, plus we're adding new flavors all the time. That's what makes a visit to Shirley's so much fun. There are lots of ways to enjoy all this flavor. You can click on any of the flavors and get a description of that flavor.

Our flavors are divided into three categories: Original, Classic, and Premium. Then you can pick what you want to put all the great popcorn in: a bag (we've got two sizes) or a tin (we've got five tin sizes to choose from).

*Note: flavors listed online may not be available in all stores.

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Single Flavors

Shirley Torsell admired quality - she had a way of finding the softest teddy bears, the most captivating children's stories, the most brilliant illustrators.  Often, when she would arrive at the theatre to work in the evenings, she would have in tote, her newest favorite snack - "try this - it's to die for!" 

Once we had perfected a new exclusive recipe for our rich, buttery caramel popcorn, we knew right away that it deserved a name worthy of its flavor.  We tossed around several options - none of which really seemed to do it justice - until we asked ourselves what Shirley would have said.

"It's to die for!"

It was that simple - and we couldn't agree more!  So here's to you Shirley; a delicious caramel popcorn with your name on it - good enough to die for!

Caramel Nut Cluster started out as a flavor of the month - and is based on years of requests for a flavor that combines our rich, smooth classic Caramel To Die For™ and the crunchy, salty goodness of peanuts! We're excited to suggest that we've found the perfect balance! After its "month" was complete, our customers begged for us to keep it around as a core flavor - so we've made some room, and we keep it in stock for you to purchase year-round.

Named for Ohio Northern University’s mascot (a polar bear), Polar Pop is an equal mix of our classic & white cheddar popcorn flavors. It’s a great way to solve the challenging cheese lover’s dilemma of whether to get a bag of classic cheddar or white cheddar!

What started out as a flavor of the month turned into an amazingly popular & fun core flavor! We’ve mixed six fruit flavors (lemon, orange, blue raspberry, grape, green apple, and cherry. It’s a favorite for almost every kid and plenty of adults!

Put on your seatbelt and have a drink handy! Although it starts out smooth and sweet, our afterburner popcorn lights up your taste-buds only moments after hitting your tongue. Another of our founder’s favorites!

This flavor begins with our classic theatre-style popcorn, and then is carefully coated with our mild white cheddar flavoring.

This flavor begins with our classic theatre-style popcorn, and then is carefully coated with our deep classic cheddar flavoring.

One of our founder’s favorites! With equal parts of our classic cheddar and our rich Caramel To Die For™, our Windy City Style popcorn is the perfect balance of a salty & sweet snack.

Dark Salted Vanilla

Our fragrant vanilla popcorn steals the spotlight in this delicious flavor. A dark chocolatey drizzle and sprinkle of coarse ground sea salt turn Dark Salted Vanilla into a salty-sweet treat perfect for sharing anytime!

Dark Salted Caramel starts with our buttery Caramel To Die For™ popcorn.  Then we drizzle dark chocolate over top for just the right amount of sweetness with that sophisticated taste.  It finishes with a sprinkle of authentic sea salt for an eye-opening "wow" factor that we know you'll love!

Hailing to the Ohio Northern University mascot, our Klondike Krunch is the chocolate-lover’s dream! We begin with an orange colored candy base of popcorn, then coat it with equal parts of milk chocolate and white chocolate.

We start with Bluffton University’s signature purple color to candy-coat our popcorn. Then we coat the popcorn with white chocolate, pecans and English toffee to create a mouthwatering experience that you can’t resist!

Caramel To Die For™ popcorn topped off with roasted almonds and rich milk chocolate! Literally one of the best recipes ever created!

Paying homage to our origins, Shirley’s Buckeye popcorn combines chocolate and peanut butter flavoring atop our rich classic Caramel To Die For™. Buckeye is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, and is one of our top sellers!

It's how we got our start, popping natural goodness that'll take your senses right into our theatre's lobby.